Jesse Morgan

{ Web Developer Extraordinaire }

A Little About Me

I've always had an affinity towards how things work, mechanics, and technology. I started learning about mechanics from my dad at around 10 years old and would take things apart just to see how they work and how they could be improved, then put them back together again.

Soon after I got a hand-me-down computer and started to learn the functions and syntax of DOS... yes, DOS. I was infatuated with how computers worked and what they were capable of. Ever since then I was hooked. When Windows 95 came out I started to teach myself photoshop, basic animation, and sound editing. Not long ater that, I took to software development and applied all I had previously learned. By the age of 13 I wrote my first AOL hacking program full with sound effects and button animations. A few more came after that, improving each time.

I wanted to get my little hacking programs out there, so I figured the best way would be to build a website with a link to download them. So I did just that by reverse engineering other websites to see how they worked and a week later I had my first website built with all of my programs, photoshopped images/art, and animations to available to download.

I felt the web was where I had the most fun and was amazed at how something could be created fom nothing but some lines of code. So here I am today, still creating and innovating, taking things apart and trying to improve them, and still having fun :)


Some Samples

Defensa Legal

This was an individual landing page set up for ppc.

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New Dimension Marketing & Research

Redesign and build of marketing agency website, including extensive backend cusomization and minor animations.

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